Serving the Legal Needs through your FINANCIAL LIVES


We build relationships with our clients to serve them while buying their personal home to acquiring investment properties. Starting a business and then providing for that next generation.  We take the time to get to know our clients to better serve there needs.

And for those clients that experience times of financial difficulty, we are also a debt relief agency.  We help them explore their financial options and when appropriate we represent clients in filing bankruptcy. 

25 Years of Experience


Helping People is Our Business

Financial Stress?

We will analyze all of your financial options

Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultations

Come in and let me take a look at your problem

11 years of Real Estate experience

Our approach is taking time for each client.

Assisting through financial lives of clients

From the financial problems of bankruptcy to the financial triumphs of buying a home, starting a business to planning for the next generation.  We’re here to assist with the important stages of life!  Let’s build relationships. 

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